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The Educational and Sustainability Program Means We Are...


Building Self-Confidence;

Increasing Literacy Rates;

Supporting Household Food Production By Teaching Students Basic Techniques in Farming And Agriculture;

Practicing Environmental


Making A Difference One Step At A Time  Chibolya Memorial School

The mission of Environmental and Global Community Aid,

a 501 (c) (3) organization is to provide education for

disadvantaged and disabled children, to break barriers

and create opportunities for underdeveloped communities

while advancing scientific research and discovery, land

conservation and cultural preservation.

Hello!  Welcome to Environmental and Global Community Aid’s (EGCA) website!  We are a pending 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. Our new journey will be a passageway for creating an impactful change for those who have been disadvantaged.  Prior to the formation of EGCA, we were humanitarian volunteers advocating for something we believed in, and we strived to achieve what needed to be done during that time.


Education was and still is the foremost priority. Our continuous goal is to provide grants for children around the world who lack opportunity.  No matter where a child is situated, they are children with great curiosity and spirit.  It is our job to allow them to reach a higher potential.  Real progress, innovation, discovery depends on everyone working together so our children, our future generations count.


Community development depends on trade and small businesses, and we encourage this by providing grants to these communities implementing new ideas and projects that can help solve poverty and hunger. Our projects will encourage good business and environmental stewardship practices, and increase awareness for land conservation.  The development of new skills will help other individuals start their own projects. As we progress, protection of the environment will remain our focus.  We do this because we are passionate about our children, our forests, our oceans, our wildlife, and we will preserve what we have in order to move ahead.  We want you to be part of this significant journey because you can make a difference! “


Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon!


Founder of Environmental and Global Community Aid

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