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Heather Wilkey Founder/CEO




"Human beings have their own unique journeys to discover if they just open their eyes to the possibilities. Whether one is 20 or 80 years old, people are constantly evolving and have an important role in society sharing their talents with the rest of the world."


Heather has been a strong advocate for education which brought aid to children in Zambia.  Education is a basic fundamental right. With the advancement of technology and scientific innovation, children will build concepts of the natural world we live in as well as becoming learned in mathematics, humanities and the arts. Younger people should not be left behind with the world advancing at the rate it does. The disadvantaged and disabled children will have the opportunity and become the individuals they are meant to be-educated and caring individuals. Development needs to go beyond just self-sustainability and EGCA will create those opportunities that will economically benefit communities while protecting vital areas. 

Heather has a B.S. degree in Biology and is pursuing a M.A. in public policy. She is a fellow of The Royal Geographical Society.  She has over twenty years work experience and has supported numerous scientific organizations by collecting data and assessing land needing research and advocacy.   Growing up as a child, she remembers exploring all the living things in her family's backyard for hours and hours. She owes that love of nature to her grandparents.

Innocent Kalinda Country Director




Innocent has been a leader and valuable asset to his community setting the pace for growth and progress for future generations.  From the very beginning, he has worked tirelessly and championed for disabled and disadvantaged children living in the Chibolya Village.  He has received recognition for his monitoring and evaluation techniques & turned the lives around for 100s of children by providing clean water, a school and education for students who otherwise could not afford tuition while living in poverty conditions. 

At 39 years old, he is the CEO and founder of Chibolya Education & Health Organization (CEHOZ), a local non-governmental organization in the Mazabuka district.  He brings with him vast experience in ngo management, procurement, accountancy and project management.  He holds a diploma in business studies from ICOF Colleges and Universities, and a certificate in procurement and stores management from Zambia Institute of Management.  He has over ten years experience in the private, governmental, ngo for over ten years to foster development.

Currently, Innocent serves as coordinator for Zambia Orphans of Aids (Zambia).  He served as a local representative for in 2008, where virtual neighbours contribute positively to global issues facing local communities. His passion and interest in community work is the main drive for his continued efforts to manage, implement and run community projects.  He is committed to helping venerable children and the environment.

Carolyn Wilkey
Grant Officer



Carolyn comes from a hard working family who built their businesses from grassroots inventiveness within the center of her hometown.   By her early teens, she acquired an understanding of what community truly meant. After high school, she was highly recommended to Berkeley Business School in New Jersey where it set the groundwork for developing business skills. She completed the Rutgers University program for medical transcription and she studied with the University of Central Florida for grant writing.

The concept of bringing people from the community together had been extremely rewarding especially when local residents and younger adults starting their careers needed jobs.

In recent years, she has worked for a major US company as a human resource professional handling corporate education and medical family leaves. Her favorite memories were helping those working toward their own educational goals. Her loyalty and ethics brings a high standard to the organization.  


Carolyn wants to continue to help others improve their lives. Environmental and Global Community Aid is the next step in the advancement of human awareness that she will carry forward with great loyalty and service for the people. 

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