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Adaptive Management Plan

      Getting Creative in the Classroom

"The realization is coming that perhaps our greatest national heritage is nature itself, with all its complexity and its abundance of life, which, when combined with great scenic beauty as it is in the national parks, becomes of unlimited value."  By George Melendez Wright, United States National Park Service
New Jersey Clean Communities


Hackensack River Watershed Cleanup Initiative



Our goals are to reduce the amount of litter that threatens our waterways

specifically around areas with higher populations, create a cleaner environment

for aquatic species and birds to thrive in their natural habitats, and monitor the amount of pollution (plastics, rubber, metals) in targeted areas, which are hazardous to human health and ecosystems.



  • Improve water quality for our communities by clearing up debris in rivers, lakes and streams.


  • Evaluate the physical, chemical and biological properties of waterbodies within our communities.


  • Evaluate the effects of pollution from daily human activity.

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