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Supporting Women through Microfinance

Location: Kayole Soweto, Kenya

Working in partnership with Arrow Africa

Soweto is an impoverished slum area in Nairobi, Kenya with a large population of people living without

access to clean water or electricity.  Jobs are scarce for families with children.  The lack of opportunities

for education and business are limited, and like a domino effect bring crime, drugs, and sickness.


This spirals down to a vicious cycle.  Parents can feel a sense of hopelessness not knowing where their next

meal will come from.  And what about the future generations?  Where do they fit in if parents can’t afford

school tuition? 


At EGCA, we believe there is light even in a dark place.   With the right strategy & training, we can spark hope and

change old concepts.  EGCA provides microloans and small grants for women to start businesses developing the skills they need to be

successful.   Past research has shown that women handle finances responsibly especially when paying back microloans.

They share a willingness to learn good practices when properly trained. 

Our goal is to see more women put forth effort in this planned trajectory and lead.  It’s about planting the seeds at

first so others may follow in their footsteps.

It’s important to be their driving force.  When the time comes, the spirit of a community rises.  That is when we see their

greatest potential and growth.

Chibolya Memorial School
Location: Southern Outskirts of Mazabuka, Zambia

Zambia has a population of over 15M people. The poverty in rural areas and unemployment rates remain

high and residents must leave their homes to seek jobs in urban areas or rely on seasonal employment at a

sugar estate earning less than one dollar per day.  This creates a decline in school attendance.  Here is where we fill in

the gaps to create opportunities that will be long-lasting.  Everyone needs a purpose and education will fulfill that need and

eradicate poverty.

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